Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Clever Holmes Brothers

Sherlock Holmes is a brown tabby with white, short hair male. His tweedy looks and penchant for being a snoop landed him this moniker.

This is a very curious young man, who, when not exploring prefers to carefully consider his investigations from atop the toy basket. Here, he lets his mind work over cases while he indulges his recreational catnip hobby.

Sherlock does not favor being held, but apparently thinks much better while his chin and cheeks are being delicately scratched. Should he notice you, he may even purr in thanks.

The fastest way to Sherlock's heart is through his stomach. At any inkling that food might be happening somewhere, he is most attentive and bends all of his investigatory might toward finding the source of that food and capturing it.

Mycroft Holmes is a black and white tuxedo short hair male. Mycoft is Sherlock's much more snappy dressing brother. Always in the best of suits with a neat mustache and beard, this is a gentleman that knows his finery.

Mycroft is a fierce hunter, and his dangerously sharp mind is always plotting how best to spring his trap upon unsuspecting catnip mice. Whereas his brother mostly ignores the humans around him, Mycroft prefers a more indolent and indulgent life, eschewing the uncomfortable chaos of the toy basket for a good stretching out spot on a couch. His favorite spot for napping is atop a large purple floor pillow where he snoozes like royalty.

Mycroft is also the more human-centric of the brothers. He greatly enjoys a good cuddle and scratch and has even been know to do so cat yoga while he is being so cosseted by his human servants.

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