Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lenore at rest

Miss Lenore has the Bathroom of Comfort and Solitude all to herself. She has my favorite chenille blanket all to herself and spends most of the day napping. Apparently the pain meds make her sleepy.

Her nubbin is currently kind of naked, but will be quite adorable when the fur grows back. The stitches are so tiny.

Lenore also had her spay done and has lots of fur to grow back.

I mostly just feel bad about her having to eat and drink while wearing a cone. I help her by heaping her kibble to one side of the bowl.

She's recovering nicely and Annabel Lee has been hanging out by the bathroom door, calling to her buddy inside. In a few days I can get the girls back together but first Lenore needs some healing time.

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