Saturday, November 21, 2015

You Can Help.

Lately, I've been told by a lot of people that what I do is awesome and that I'm great for doing it. To be honest, I really like kittens and I have a soft spot for broken things and foundlings. My experience as a volunteer fostering these animals may be labor intensive, sometimes involves a lot of driving and may involve cleaning a lot of cat boxes... but I also get kittens. All the kittens I can stand. And then I get to watch them go to new homes where they will be loved. That in itself is pretty damned rewarding.

However, some of our animals arrive with problems and animal health care can be expensive. We have a great vet partner, but St Francis Society Animal rescue can still use more help. The care for Lenore, Linton and all of our other kitties includes shots, blood tests, spay/neuter and additional medical care as needed. These costs are taken care of by the St Francis Society Animal Rescue of Tampa, Florida. If you are moved by the stories of these rescue kitties and want to help out, there are several ways you can do so.

  1. Donate money to St Francis Society. This cash is used to pay for medicines, vet expenses, surgeries and more for Lenore, Linton and countless other animals who come to us in all sorts of shapes. 
  2. Check out the St Francis Society wishlist and send them items that they need. Their physical mailing address is on the page so you can busy stuff online and have it shipped to them, or you can drop it off at one of their Tampa locations
  3. Adopt a pair of our fabulous rescue cats and kittens. Everything is better in pairs, especially cats! Each adoption opens up space for our volunteers to foster more animals.
  4. Sponsor St Francis Society. If you happen to be high up in a company that makes charitable donations, please consider your company sponsoring St Francis Society.
  5. Volunteer to foster some cats! It's rewarding, you meet great animals and get to watch them go to awesome homes. It's rewarding and at the end of the day you feel appreciated by the animals, the adoptive families and even the other volunteers. It's a pretty great group. If you have a spare bedroom or bathroom and are not deathly allergic to cats, you can do this too. It's an adventure, but it is an adventure with purring and that makes it pretty unique.
  6. Volunteer at one of our adoption centers. Every weekend, volunteers can be found in a number of local pet stores manning adoption tables and events. You can hang out and play with kitties and help play matchmaker for families that need kitties. 
  7. If you are one of my friends and want to help on a more personal level, you can come over and help me socialize kittens, drop off a bag of cat food or send a gift certificate for litter. I get mine shipped to me in 40lb bags from Amazon. Money shoved into my hand or in my bra also seems to work. 
Thanks to the following folks for their recent support. I cannot tell you how amazing you are enough times for me to feel like I have thanked you satisfactorily, so let me tell the world that you have helped:
  • Jill S
  • Jennifer K
  • Brian W
  • Lisa P
  • Melissa T
  • Jim T
  • Janet S

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  1. 1st let me just say thank you for loving and caring for these little guys.i love cats and have been wanting to volunteer at a shelter.your post let me know that there's many ways I can help.thank you