Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Adventures in Being a Cat Lady: Shopping

Kitten dinner scrum. Top left Lenore (no tail), clockwise: Linton,
Catherine Earnshaw, Annabel Lee and Heathcliff.
Yesterday I went to KMart to pick up cat food. A lot of cat food. Somehow both the kitten and adult kibble bins were down to crumbs and the canned food supply dwindled to just two cans. Caring for  5 growing kittens and my 3 cats requires a ridiculous amount of dry food, wet food, litter, litter deodorizer, paper plates, and air fresheners. I end up buying most things in bulk, because I will use it eventually.

Anyway, K-Mart was having some good kibble sales, so off I went. I checked out with 16lbs of adult kibble, 12lbs of kitten kibble, 32 cans of wet food in various meaty flavors, a package of 100 paper plates, 2 bags of tortilla chips, and some air freshener wax melts. While ringing up my items, the young man behind the register seemed to frown a bit, and twice started as if he was about to speak, but stopped himself.

As he was bagging the purchase, he shyly said to me: "If you don't have any family, my church does a great Christmas dinner and you would be welcome to join us. They have ham, turkey, spaghetti and lots of other stuff. It's a nice way to spend the holiday."

Oh God, I have been taken for a crazy cat lady.

I wanted to argue back that I had friends, I had family and I wasn't just a cat lady... but he had been so sweet and sincere I just couldn't. Instead, I asked him the name of the church and then thanked him for his kind offer, assuring him I'd think about it and promising not to spend the holiday alone.