Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Portrait of Dorian Grey

At first blush, this kitten is beautiful. He started off a little bit shy when he first arrived and I've discovered that his skittish behavior is triggered by loud people who are moving around a lot. However, as soon as everyone settles down, Dorian Grey is ready to make some friends.

The genetics of cats are a fascinating thing and there are so many factors to consider. With stray and feral kittens we very rarely can know what parents (other than the mother) were involved and what the father might have looked like. One litter of kittens can have multiple fathers, which makes things even more difficult. What I can tell you about Dorian is that he is decidedly grey. His coat looks similar to that of a Russian Blue but he has an elongated face which is reminiscent of Asian cat breeds like the Korat cat. In bright light, you can see distinct stripes on his tail which may point to a tabby pattered cat in his ancestry. Regardless, he's glorious.

He's also a very friendly little man. While his sister Mina Harker is almost aggressively friendly and will climb up to rub herself on faces, Dorian is a bit more laid back. He's content to receive love while sprawled out along side you on the couch or to drape himself across your lap.

Mina Harker and Dorian Grey are a beautiful and friendly bonded pair of siblings. I'd very much like to find them a home together. It will need to be the right home though... it will need to be a home where someone will be happy with two kitties that will adore you, sometimes getting in your face about how much they like you.

These two have a lot of love to give. I just need to find them someone who will love them back just as much.

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