Friday, December 4, 2015

Linton, a healthy boy.

Last night mister Linton learned the joy of fuzzy blankets. As you can see, he is quite content!

After a follow up visit to the vet, we know that Linton has responded well to the antibiotics and other medications. He no longer has a sad butt. He's put on weight, is no longer dehydrated and now enjoys playing like a happy, healthy kitten. Because that is exactly what he is.

He does still have a slight limp from the damage in his ankle bones, but after a week and a growth spurt he is now putting weight on his paw. He gets around fine, climbs the cat tree and plays just like the rest of the kittens and does not seem slowed down at all by his impediment.

Linton, Catherine Earnshaw, Heathcliff and Annabel Lee are all getting fixed next week. After a few days of healing, they will be entirely ready to go off to new homes!

From sick and listless, Linton now seems an entirely different kitten. He is sweet, playful and happy. He's also a cuddle bug and is looking forward to a place with a fuzzy blanket of his very own.

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