Thursday, December 3, 2015

Catbooks: Funding the Cattery

Available titles
To help supplement the cost of life and pets, I do side work as a calligrapher and have an Etsy store where I sell prints of my artwork. You should shop there- lots of fun geeky gifts made by your friendly neighborhood kitten wrangler.

I also now make Catbooks.

Catbooks are felt handmade cat toys and each book is stuffed with two pockets of catnip for maximum literary enjoyment. Right now I'm just making them for friends but I'll probably start taking orders at some point soon and add them to the Etsy store.

Until then, this both amuses me and helps to support the kitties and their keeper. New titles coming soon.

Already sold

Naughty Lenore caught reading catp0rn

Cat tested

Kitten approved

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