Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mina Harker is a Face Cat

Some people think cats are standoffish and not as friendly as man's best friend, which just means they have never met a Face Cat. Have you ever met a face cat? No? Let me tell you about Face Cats...

Mina Harker wants to be close to you...

What I mean by close is mostly: overlapping.

I have to tell her she is too close when her nose is *inside* of my nose. I'm not that kind of cat lady.

Want to read a book? Ha! Face Cat needs your face and that book is in the way of what this kitten needs. Want to watch TV? Ha! A Face Cat needs all of your attention.

Face Cat also learned how to tap the phone to take photos and how to swipe through photos. I found this alarming. Thankfully Mina Harker is a Face Cat and needs my face, otherwise I might be more worried. If she learns how to open cans though... my days may be numbered.

If you need a lover, Mina Harker and Dorian Grey might just be the kittens for you. While Mina wants to share the same space that your head is occupying, Dorian is cool with laying on your lap or just chilling out beside you with his head on your leg. They are both such beautiful cats and so ridiculously friendly, well, someone is going to be a lucky pet owner if they adopt this pair.

 I'll try to get some pics of Dorian tonight if Mina does not swipe the phone...

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